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Classes and Instructors

All Loong Ying Kung Fu classes take place in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They are run by experienced instructors in a disciplined and structured manner. Classes are suited to all levels of ability and physical fitness and beginners are always welcome.

Classes are available in Hemel Hempstead, Every Monday from 19:00-22:00

Current Training Schedule (As of May 2018):

19:30-20:30 Warm-Up, Fundamentals and Individual Techniques
20:30-22:00 Forms, Applications, Sparring and Conditioning


How does the training work ?

Traditional Loong Ying Kung Fu encompasses both the soft and hard (Yin and Yang) aspects of self defence. Training involves strength and flexibility exercises specifically designed to increase power, coordination, balance and speed. Breathing and internal energy exercises are used to develop internal strength (chi) and mental calmness (shen). Empty hand and weapon forms together with two person sets are used to teach precision and technique.

Training sessions will cover a number of different elements involved with being a martial artist:

- Fundamentals, movement, and tactics
- Stance work and Hand Techniques
- Individual Techniques, Combinations and Partner Work
- Form work (Taolu 套路)
- Sparring (Sanshou 散打)
- Chi Kung and Power Generation
- Fitness and Conditioning

Syllabus and Grading

Kicking, Punching, Chin Na locking, Take-downs, Throwing, Pressure Points (dim mak) and Weapons are all part of our training schedule. You will learn aspects of each of these as you progress on through the syllabus, and learn to effectively apply each of the techniques you learn.

The current syllabus works on a grading system of coloured sashes. Each grade will have a form to practice, as well as individual techniques, and fundamentals based on that level. When grading, a student will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform that form, as well as previous forms. They will also be able to demonstrate correct use of the individual techniques, as well as their knowledge on the fundamentals.

The form grading system levels are as follows:

Red Sib Luk Dong 十六动 16 Movements
Yellow Sam Tong 三通过桥 Crossing bridge 3 times
Orange Dan Bin 單鞭救主 Single Warrior saves vital life
Green Sei Moon Tai 四門挑打 Four Gates
Blue Mang Fu 猛虎跳墙 Fierce Tigers Leaps over the Wall
Purple Soy Kiu 碎桥 Destroy Bridges
Brown Ying Jow 鷹爪 Eagle's Claw
Black Mor Kiu 龙形摩桥 Dragon Style Rubbing Bridges

You will also learn some weapon forms to accompany the open hand forms. These weapon forms are not part of the grading, but you will learn them and focus on them at various levels.




Senior Instructor:
Sifu Nigel Cooper

Nigel has been studying martial arts and Chi Kung for over 30 years, including Ju Jitsu, Zu wei, Lung Ying and Tai Chi. He has been training in Dragon style kung-fu since 1989, training under Sifu Shek Lam Shing. His studies have taken him to both Hong Kong and China. He has extensive experience in training both military and police personnel.
Sihing Ross Griffiths
Sihing David Alexander
Ross has been Training in Dragon Style Kung Fu for a number of years and has a great depth of understanding in the style. Ross has also trained in both Mantis Kung Fu and Tai Chi so has broad understanding of the wider Chinese Martial arts. Ross Specialises in Dragon style weapons and is responsible for teaching these within the class. David first started training when he was around 8 years old, training in te-ashi-do jutsu and kickboxing, fighting competitively. Now 18 years on, having spent many years studying Dragon Kung Fu, also training in Mantis Kung Fu, David focuses on teaching the traditional side of martial arts which he hopes to preserve and pass on to future students.
Assistant Instructor:
Sihing Rob Needham
Rob started his martial training the early 70's learning Judo. He joined a kung fu class run by Nigel Cooper in 1983. Due to injury and other comitments he left that class in 1991 after some initial study of Dragon under Nigel and Shek Lam Shing. He returned as a founder member of the reopened dragon club in Watford (now Hemel Hempstead) in 2000.