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"Loong Ying Jing Chung" translates into English as "Pure Dragon Fist Kung Fu". The transmission of this pure element is important in ensuring that the quality of the system is preserved as students go on to master and then to teach the system.

Because of this, it is important that any instructor can trace their "lineage" back to the original source. The photos below show the lineage from the founder of Loong Ying Jing Chung to the instructors of the modern school in the UK.

Tai Yuk Sim See was the head monk of the Wah So Toi (southern Shaolin) temple in Kwangtong province in southern China. Traditionally, Tai Yuk restricted his teaching to only the most senior monks. However, with the increased use of firearms in China, Tai Yuk decided that the time was right to introduce Dragon style to people outside of the temple. Tai Yuk first encountered Lam Yil Kwai at a demonstration where Lam, along with a number of his students, were demonstrating their family style. After the demonstration, Tai Yuk challenged the students and was able to defeat them all despite the fact that they had all attacked him at once. After this, Lam Yil Kwai became a student of Tai Yuk.

Lam Yil Kwai was born in Wiy Yurn village and by the age of 14 was already teaching his family style of kung fu, Zap Lung Dun. At this time, Lam met the monk, Tai Yuk Sim See and studied Loong Ying (Dragon style kung fu) for seven years in the southern Shaolin temple. By the age of 21 he had completed his training under Tai Yuk and was told that he could leave the temple, being the first non-monk to have learnt the style. Lam went on to promote the style, making it famous throughout southern China.

Lam Tan Gon was the second son of Lam Yil Kwai. He completed the full training in Dragon style kung fu directly from his father and became the second generation Grandmaster of our lineage.


Chil Chung


Chil Chung was born and raised in Toi San, in mainland China. He completed studying the system of Hung Kuen kung fu at an early age and then in 1942 learnt Tdit Dar (Chinese herbal medicine) from a Taoist monk called Lei Wan Do Jeurn. By 1948 had moved to Hong Kong and had started teaching Hung Kuen kung fu and practicing Tdit Dar. In the early 1950s, he met a student of Lam Yil Kwai and lost in a friendly comparison of styles. He then became a student of Lam Yil Kwai and went on to become the first accomplished student of Dragon kung fu in Hong Kong.


Chung Wai Kong

Chung Wai Kong

Chung Wai Kong learnt Dragon style kung fu from the age of 12 from Grandmaster Chil Chung. Chung Wai Kong showed such good training attitude at a young age that Chil Chung accepted him as a full time apprentice learning Loong Ying and Tdit Dar medicine. He completed his study after training full time for 12 years. In 1989, he moved to Cardiff, in Wales (UK), and started his own Dragon style kung fu school.


Shek Lam Shing

Shek Lam Shing

Shek Lam Shing was born in the New Territories of Hong Kong. He first started Dragon style kung fu in the 1960s and had two consecutive Dragon masters before coming to train under Chil Chung. He started teaching the style in the UK in 1989.


Nigel Cooper


Nigel Cooper has been training under Shek Lam Shing since 1989. He is one of the instructors in the Watford area. More details on Nigel can be found on the instructors page. Nigel has been studying martial arts and chi kung for over 30 years and has been practising Dragon style kung-fu since 1989. His studies have taken him to both Hong Kong and China and he has extensive experience training both military and police personal.


Dom Meurier


Dom has been studying martial arts since 1982. The practice of martial arts has touched all aspects of his life including his work as both a fitness instructor and as a professional self defence instructor. He was introduced to Dragon style kung fu in 1989 under Shek Lam Sing and has practiced this system ever since. From the martial arts he went on to learn the associated healing arts of Shiatsu Massage and Acupuncture. Although originally an instructor at the Watford class Dom now lives in New Zealand.